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  1. scrivener

    scrivener New Member

    By now, we have Android tablets with large storage capacity (Archos 7o 250GB), and capacity of tablets and phones will only increase in the future. So I would think there's already demand for an Android dvd player, and that demand will increase for certain. To my surprise, one doesn't seem to exist at the moment. For some people and some situations, the dvd menu is a very useful control mechanism, and as far as I can tell there's no dvd player software that lets the user have the full dvd experience with menus. Choosing the language and the subtitles isn't enough sometimes. Personally, I'd love to copy whole dvd folders over to the tablet, without any conversion, and watch the dvds there. From what I can tell, the IPad doesn't have a dvd player either, so if someone developed one for Android, it could also help in the Android v. Apple market war.

  2. mystifire2

    mystifire2 Well-Known Member

    We should just stick with mp4s
  3. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    I don't see any need for one. You're saying that it would be easy to rip a DVD to a computer, including finding a way to crack the security that firms put on discs to prevent exactly what we're doing (and also making this whole venture illegal), then manually transfer the multiple files that are present on a DVD to the Android tablet, and then develop an app that will read those specific files? It's so much simpler to download an mp4 from your choice of legal/illegal sources and play that on the Android (and it doesn't require the dev to knowingly participate/endorse illegal activities).
    I don't think it would help in the Android/Apple market war - so few people would use this app, it wouldn't make any difference.
  4. scrivener

    scrivener New Member

    There's nothing illegal about copying dvd files where there is no content scrambling. As cmh0114 should know, not all dvds are copy protected. So there's no need to imagine any implication of illegal activity. In fact, the dvds I am speaking of were created by me from original digital video footage, so I can of course legally do whatever I want with these files, including copying them --- there's no cracking/ripping involved.
  5. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    Oh, my bad, I guess I'm just so used to working with pirates that I automatically assume anything with DVD's has to do with piracy. XD I apologize if I caused any offense.

    Although if the DVD's were created from digital footage that you own, I still think you may be overcomplicating it. You have the original videos, so why not just put those on your Android?

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