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Support DX2 freaks out with headphones

  1. robevans

    robevans New Member

    When I plug in headphones/mic to use during a phone call, the phone will instantly hang up the call and redial/hangup/redial/hangup over and over. Unplugging the headset stops it and I can use without the headset.


  2. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    initially it sounds like there's a hardware issue but I could be wrong. Have you tried a different headset/mic to see if it has the same reaction? It could be the plug or the jack. Are you on a stock or custom ROM?
  3. PhoenixAscend

    PhoenixAscend New Member

    If the headphones have a built in mic/remote, it will do this. The only fix I have found is to download the Headset Button Controller from the market and turned off all the controls so that fixes most of the problems...

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