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  1. Brad117

    Brad117 New Member

    Picked up my LG Lucid about a month ago. It's my first android phone. I use yahoo mail as my main e-mail account. I'm able to access my e-mail using my phone, but when my e-mail refreshes on my phone, it still shows e-mails that I have deleted while accessing my e-mail account through the browser on my laptop. As it stands right now, I have to delete the e-mails in two places. It seems like there must be something I must not have configured correctly, but I can't figure out what it is.

    Appreciate any help. Thanks.


  2. htgmc

    htgmc Member

    Brad...Are you using the default email app? I'm assuming you are. I don't believe there are any settings you can change to correct that issue. It's just the way this app handles IMAP email accounts. You do have the option of deleting email from sever under POP3 or exchange email accounts. I would recommend using the Yahoo mail app off Google play store. Hope this helps.
  3. Brad117

    Brad117 New Member


    Yes, I was using the default email app. I followed your advice and downloaded teh Yahoo mail app and it works great.

    Thank you very much ! ! !


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