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    Sep 29, 2010
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    Ok guys here is my dilemma.

    I have both a Xperia X10 and Samsung galaxy S.
    I received an email with an image attachment around 850kb. I check it on my X10 using K9 mail and the picture is much clearer and larger than when I open it on my Galaxy S. It is as though on the galaxy S it compresses the file size making the image alot smaller and difficult to see clearly.

    I have tried the following before you make suggestions.
    -It happens not only on K9 but the default email app and a few other I tried to make sure it wasnt just K9
    -It is not just that particular image it is pretty much all of them, some are a little clearer than others but still not as clear as the X10.
    -All images are around 750KB-2.1MB

    My question is; does anyone know what is wrong? Is there some sort of restriction on galaxy S or is the phone just doomed with crappy quality images when downloaded from mail??

    Thanks in advance,



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