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  1. ldanderson

    ldanderson New Member

    I just upgraded from a five year old phone, so apologies in advance. The geeks at Best Buy set up my email for me which works fine (after multiple trips back to the store). Except that I can't figure out how to do a couple of things. 1. Is there a way to select and delete multiple emails on the phone and 2. How do I get rid of all my spam mail that comes in on the laptop (and gets filtered out there). Do I have to set up some kind of email push program so that the email comes in from my computer (already filtered) instead of from the server? Duh. You can see my learning curve is steep.........

  2. Britt704

    Britt704 New Member

    Im not sure about the "mail" app but in the Gmail app...

    in your inbox next to each email is a place to check off emails. You can check off as many as you want and select to delete them. As for the spam thing :confused: I'm not sure, I always ignore my spam folder on my phone and just erase it from my computer.

    Hope this helps:D
  3. pettit03

    pettit03 Active Member

    Menu-Delete-Select what you want to delete-Press Delete (bottom right hand corner)

    Using Hotmail in the Mail App

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