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  1. elaine77

    elaine77 New Member

    For some reason my phone has stopped downloading email from my pop3 account. I have re-entered the information and the phone verified the settings. Interestingly enough I can however still send e-mails. Any ideas on what is wrong?:confused:

    Is there any other android application which I can replace the default htc mail application with?

  2. apatient1976

    apatient1976 New Member

    Just to let you know you are not alone. I am having exactly the same problem. I hope someone in the forum can help us out.
  3. apatient1976

    apatient1976 New Member

    Well I happened to turn my phone off and back on and the next thing I noticed I had emails again. I will update once I have received some more emails to my google account and see if my phone picks them up.
  4. Zsnake

    Zsnake Active Member

    Same thing happened to me!

    Soooooooo....I did as apatient1976 asuggested and Voila! It's working again.
    Thanks for the hint.

    Anyone know why it stops working??????

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