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E-mail Notification

  1. aptmx

    aptmx Well-Known Member

    All of a sudden, I do not receive any e-mail notifications. I am using the HTC mail app and when I unlock the phone, I see the new message indicator in the notification bar, but no LED notification or sound when new mail arrives. Notifications are set to on within the app itself. Any ideas?


  2. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    I assume you've tried a reboot, but if you haven't...

    Did you install any software that might be impacting notification?

    hope this helps,

  3. dtrose

    dtrose Member

    I'm also having this same issue. aptmx did you get it corrected and if so what did you do?
  4. Hey Baby

    Hey Baby New Member

    Same issue here with my Hero....any ideas?

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