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    By Dad has just got himself an S2 as his business phone. He is a consultant who runs his own company and is using this as his phone ot get his e-mails on the move as well as making calls, etc. His ISP is using POP3 mail protocol (they say they don't support IMAP but I can't believe this) and he is having all his mail delivered direct from the ISP's servers onto his computer via Outlook.

    The problem he has is 95% of the time a new e-mail alert will flash up on his phone but disappear immediately and when he goes to check his mailbox the mail isn't there. This is infuriating as I'm sure you can appreciate.

    Has anyone else experienced this with their S2? He was receiving mail just fine on his old Blackberry so this is adding insult to injury. I suspect this is largely down to the protocol being POP3 rather than IMAP, but if anyone can shed further light on this problem he and I would both be grateful!

  2. Russell Ng

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    I use pop3 settings and it works fine. Now in my office, the mail is connected using Windows mail. IN Windows mail, there is a setting that specifies that the email is left in the server for a certain number of days after its retrieved from the PC.

    The S2 email is not joined to the PC. Its connected directly to the mail server. That means if you have the Windows mail on, and it downloads the mail from the server, the S2 won't be able to see that mail. UNLESS you specify in the windows mail to leave it in the server for a few days.

    Check that first.

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