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E-mails delete after reading

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  1. ASenchak

    ASenchak New Member

    Hello -

    I like my Motorola Droid very much but I have one issue that I can not afford to continue.

    When I read an email from my comcast account, it automatically deletes later on in the day or when I open my account on a computer. This is very discouraging as information is not available on the phone unexpectedly.

    Any thoughts?


  2. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Which email app are you using for the Droid?

    Are you deleting it from the Droid after reading, or just reading?

    Are you connecting the Droid to the PC at anytime in this process?

    Are you using Outlook on the PC? If so, which version?

    In "Outlook", there is a setting under:

    > Accounts (highlight the account you want to change) > Internet email account settings > Advanced > Leave a copy of messages on server

    ...should be enabled.

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