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  1. mokonalove

    mokonalove New Member

    Newbie here.
    I just got my Wondermedia m8605 yesterday. I was able to log online (wifi was lost unless I'm right on top of it) and I was able to install the Kindle app and the Overdrive Media app. But there are no buttons to change the font size, I need a larger size. Does anyone know how to change the word size on this tablet with these apps?
    Also, I downloaded the Netflix app and I'm able to go to my Netflix home page, then it goes to the downloading page for the streaming movie, then it goes straight back to my home page. Is it possible to get Netflix working on this?
    Thanks to everyone reading this and to those that are able to help.

  2. mokonalove

    mokonalove New Member

    I know I need a menu button. There is just one problem, my tablet does not have a menu button. I've been looking for one.

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