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E110 fails to respond when buttons are pressedSupport

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  1. ihoapm

    ihoapm New Member

    My E110 phone not responding when I press the Menu button to unlock (the locked screen), so I can't "log on" to use it. Can anyone help me, plz.

  2. artee

    artee Member

    Did it work properly before?
    Did you try restarting (briefly take out the battery, then restart)?
  3. core_impact

    core_impact New Member

    This is caused by stupid crappy Acer firmware. If the date and time are configured to be updated from the the network, the whole phone gets locked up leaving the touch screen not responding. To resolve this problem, follow these steps exactly.

    1. Download and flash the Acer Be touch E110 with the latest firmware.

    2. If the touch screen is still not responding, Switch the phone off

    3. Remove the battery

    4. Remove the SIM card

    5. Replace the battery

    6. Turn the phone on

    7. Go to Setting>Date & time and UNCHECK the Automatic box and set the date and time manually.

    8. Restart the phone
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