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  1. estadios

    estadios New Member

    I have a E160K LTE and on some messages it won

  2. estadios

    estadios New Member

    So no one has this problem or knows how to fix it.
  3. mebsasba

    mebsasba Member

    I found this. Check with your service provider -

    "I just went through this frustrating issue, couldn't find the information here in the forums so did an extensive search online. I'm using a Dell Streak 5 and for some reason the number for the Tmobile Short Message (Service) Center was incorrect. It should be: +12063130004 and according to the site voicemail is +18056377243.

    Check your phone's message center app settings. On the Streak I had to go into the Message app and click on settings and then go into the Short Message Center dialog box to change the phone number."
  4. estadios

    estadios New Member

    -I have checked my message centre number and it is correct.
    Sill having prblems with this, anyone else having this same problem ?


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