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  1. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Hi all....my turn for a bit of help!

    I have a de-branded Orange E1752 (Huawei) 3g dongle and a working orange FR sim. I know it is working coz it works in my windoze laptop. I have disabled the sim code. It has a problem in the Disco FT3 though. I have Tims 4d installed, 3g apps turned on. when i insert the dongle it eventually lights the 3g icon in the taskbar, the arrows flash and then stay on solid, the blue light on the modem flashes. In the windows laptop the blue light is solid at this point. In the FT3 it flashes. If I open a browser window the two arrows sometimes re-flash and then go on solid again, sometimes they remain on solid all the time...but I never find any pages. It sounds like it has logged on to the 3g network ok and there are two APN's listed, Orange World FR and Orange FR-MMS (orange world fr is selected) and the entries appear to be correct as per https://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod/wiki/APNlist It smacks of being a DNS issue to me but i am open to all & any suggestions......over to the 3g gurus!!

  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    FIXED IT!!

    found the problem.

    If I made any change to the APN then it went through the flashing arrows then solid on arrows sequence, so I figured that it wasn't connecting to the ISP, especially as the blue led on the dongle wasn't staying on like it does when it works in the laptop... so I played around with the settings and eventually found a site that stated the APN name for Orange contracts is Orange.fr and not just Orange which is what I had (and that is what came from the dongle itself!!).. changed it to orange.fr ....it flashed the arrows...then the blue led came on solid and it works....

    So... for Orange France the APN settings are -
    Name: Orange_3G
    APN: orange.fr
    Username: orange
    Password: orange
    Server: *
    MCC: 208
    MNC: 01

    everything else off or blank.....

    shame I can't thank myself!! :)

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