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  1. moonbucket

    moonbucket New Member


    My lad's Xperia Play seems to have a problem with EA games - in particular Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    These games all require a fairly hefty data download - in the case of Bad Company 2 it's 289mb.

    The problem we are having is that data downloads ok over wifi but once it reaches 100% it just sits there - the game doesn't load. Exiting or rebooting and going into the game simply triggers the data download all over again.

    We've been through support (typically I bought him the game for

  2. billpine

    billpine Member

    Got the similar problem here but extend to all games some of which are a 666MB download....

    Very annoying!
  3. XperiaTACO4G

    XperiaTACO4G Well-Known Member

    Mine had issues downloading several times for some reason... just keep trying and it should eventually work.
  4. TheGuitarBoss

    TheGuitarBoss Well-Known Member

    Yeah I couldn't get dead space... I just kept trying like 4ish times after re booting and it downloaded fine.
  5. matesaak

    matesaak New Member

    Hey could U help me? i cannot find the games. theyR not showing in game launcher. and when i downloaded game from droidmarket it tells me that i have 60 mins playn and then i have to buy that game .. could any1 helps me? its only 2 days left until ill have to pay for games. quick help me :-D

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