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  1. slashur

    slashur New Member

    Please help I bought Samsung Galaxy W and it's great .
    But when i tried playing songs through the earphones i can hear the music but the singer (lyrics) are are washed up and noisy .
    My brother also faced this issue on his Samsung Galaxy Fit .
    P.S : I'm using the original earphones which came with the mobile

  2. Waldys

    Waldys Well-Known Member

    Does this happen with ALL the headphones you use?
    If it works well with other headphones, it might just be bad 'phones

    If you get the same issue with all headphones, it could be the headphone jack or the application

    To see if it's the app, try this
    Applications > Settings > Applications > "All" tab

    Find the Music player app and tap on it and tap on "Clear Data"

    If that doesn't work and it happens with all headphones, then you have a messed up headphone jack

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