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earpiece speaker problem - Help pleaseSupport

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  1. mike100

    mike100 Member

    Please can someone help with this.
    A few months ago I installed onto my Desire S, RUU_Saga_HTC_Europe_1.47.401.4_Radio_20.28I.30.085AU_3805.06.02.03_M_release_199410_signed, and OTA_Saga_S_HTC_Europe_2.10.401.81.47.401.4 from files on the net.
    Everything ok till today, suddenly the earpiece speaker does not work, I can't hear anything (even with high volume). But if I turn the speaker on, I can hear ok.
    Any ideas please.

  2. mikiveliki

    mikiveliki Member

    My front speaker stopped working a few weeks after I bought my Desire S. I couldn't return it for repairs under warranty because I'm not in the country, so I've had to live with it ever since. I've talked to several mobile phone repair shops and searched on the net but there are no software fixes for this problem. Most likely it's the speaker itself or some hardware driving the speaker. :(

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