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  1. LuckyStar

    LuckyStar Active Member

    What is the easisest way to sync music between a SGS2 and a PC?

    To explain better, with iPhones and iPods although iTunes is awful it is quite a straight process:
    - you plug the cable
    - Sync occurs
    - unplug the cable
    - ready to play music

    With my SGS2:
    - navigate (multiple :mad:) menus and set USB mass storage mode
    - connect the cable
    - sync using your preferred tools
    - request safe USB disconnect device
    - exit phone USB connection menu
    - wait for media scanner to update the db

    I was wondering if there is any easier and quicker mode to sync music....

  2. LuckyStar

    LuckyStar Active Member

    Using what program to sync? Btw bluetooth is very slow
  3. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

  4. ramirogz

    ramirogz Member

    if you use itunes iSyncr works best, if you use mediamonkey you can configure it to sync automatically. Otherwise you can use winamp both in the PC and the phone to sync via wifi
  5. LuckyStar

    LuckyStar Active Member

    will isyncr require the media scanner to be launched?

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