Easiest way to get everything from my Gnex to my N5?General

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  1. gale65

    gale65 Well-Known Member

    I don't mind using more than one app but I'd like to avoid having to redo all of my apps (including data if possible) and settings, plus transfer my contacts, calendar, sms/mms and call logs. I had titanium backup for my old phone (rooted optimus V) but this phone isn't rooted and I don't plan to root.

    Doesn't have to be free.

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Download Google drive. Start backing up all your stuff you want on the N5. Download load it on your new device and saving it to your phone
  3. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Helium will do what you want, or at least most of it. In the Play store.
  4. gale65

    gale65 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I'll check both of those out.
  5. gale65

    gale65 Well-Known Member

    No luck with Helium. I installed the pc version, installed the app on both phones, installed all drivers they recommended, but when I open helium it says I need to download the drivers. When I go to do that, when I try to install it says they're already installed. I'll have to find something else I guess. :(

    edit-what's even worse, now I can't even connect my GNex to my computer at all. It doesn't recognize it. FFS.

    After doing a system restore on my pc my phone is now recognized again. NO idea what happened with the drivers. So now I'm on the hunt for a way to transfer apps plus data. I didn't see the option for both in google drive.
  6. jlede

    jlede Well-Known Member

    You could root then unroot or is your boot loader still locked on your gnex
  7. gale65

    gale65 Well-Known Member

    I have no idea. I rooted my old optimus phone but it was pure luck that it worked. I didn't want to bother with it since then. I'm guessing I'd have to root the new one too, to restore. I guess I'll just reinstall and back them up individually (if they have that functionality).
  8. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Not trying to talk you into anything-- I resisted rooting for a long time and only did it when I felt comfortable that I understood how to do it (even if I didn't fully understand why it worked-- I cared about the steps).

    However, Nexus devices are incredibly easy to root and unoot, especially if you use something like Wug's Toolkit.

    On the other hand, despite the inconvenience, I usually make it a point to rebuild the first time I set up a new phone. I really like starting with a new phone fresh and clean, and then I use TB for all the ROMs I try. I find setting up new really helps you learn what is great and new about the phone rather than just going with old habits.

    By the way, SD card data (whether a real SD or internal) you can just copy via a computer.
  9. gale65

    gale65 Well-Known Member

    But if I root my galaxy nexus all the data will be wiped right? Before i can do the backup with titanium backup?
  10. jlede

    jlede Well-Known Member

    Exactly (because you need to unlock the bootloader) it's best to do it when you first get your nexus device
  11. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Wugs Tookit claims to be able to back-up you apps and data before unlocking the boot loader and rooting and then it can restore them. I have to confess I haven't put it to the test.

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