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    Easily Math


    Easy math application designed to provide tools for solving exercises in the most easy and convenient for students and people involved Bmttika. Application wide number of options and is very convenient and user friendly

    What application allows us to?

    One. The application helps to calculate very fast and simple:
    * Second order equations with the calculation formula for the roots with a click.
    * Areas of many geometric shapes such as a circle, trapezoid, rhombus, rhombus, parallelogram, triangle and more.
    * Sum of arithmetic and engineering as well as finding the general organ series.
    * Sizes sides of a right triangle by the Pythagorean theorem.

    Just need to put the values ​​and the application will calculate for you the calculations up to the final result!

    Two. The application also contains the database each trigonometric theorems which are exercisable for solving trigonometry exercises well into adulthood and middle school. No exercise in geometry can not resolve with the app! Over 150 sentences!

    3. The application contains rules and identities essential math exams such as integrals, the laws of logarithms, trigonometric identities, general cutting, stronger laws and more.

    Why should I download the application?

    Computational processes to shorten long complicated functions!
    To finish homework the fastest!
    So that each time you will not know how to solve an exercise in geometry, the application will show you the relevant sentences Ltrgillach!
    To test yourself and see that you were wrong!
    To learn more about what the teacher taught!

    Options of the application

    You can mark you seem Legal trigonometry important and they will appear under the propositions I marked as essential "and share them to your friends by clicking and selecting sentences that open.
    The application allows you to select the language Hebrew to English.
    You can contact the developers through the app each request / complaints or suggestions for the upgrade.

    In short, worth downloading the application interface and your feedback is important to us as developers to see what applications should continue to improve for you!

    Download from google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LiMiApps.math

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    Or From Barcode:
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    I moved this to the Applications Announcements forum so folks looking for new apps can find it.:)

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