Easily resize system + data partitions

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  1. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    Seen this on XDA and thought I would share it, works on my phone, and I have over 100MB left for apps.

    Note: This will resize the system and data partitions to allow more space for apps by taking some space from the system partition on the phone

    Source: [HOW-TO] Easily resize system + data partitions! - xda-developers

    Thanks to Mur4ik for making the program for this method, and thank you to effortless on XDA for posting it.

    Oh and I found that after this fastboot instaid of showing a blank screen it shows a blue one and shows what is being done through fastboot, but it seems to work all the same.

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  2. androidboss7

    androidboss7 Well-Known Member

    thanks!! ;)
    i tried this and it works well!
  3. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    In my opinion its alot safer than data2system, as long as you do a nandroid backup before hand.
  4. [a][D][z]

    [a][D][z] Active Member

    how to know that your phone belongs to any one of the above?
  5. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    The're the rom names, should be in "about phone" under settings.
  6. [a][D][z]

    [a][D][z] Active Member

    i upgraded my phone to ASIS by mur4ik and when i off the phone and switch to fastboot mode it doesnt switch to fastboot instead it will on ...
  7. [a][D][z]

    [a][D][z] Active Member

    where ca i find an android software or driver? my laptop cannot detect my device when i turned it on to fastboot mode .. it needs Android software to be able to read my device..
  8. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    The CM7 post by dudeman has everything you need, including the driver (should be all you need) download the kdz zip and install the driver.
  9. shmokeyuk

    shmokeyuk New Member

    cheers soooo much for this program,,,makes my life so much easier trying different roms...a program that is so useful & simple :) :smokingsomb:
  10. EmanTheMirror

    EmanTheMirror New Member

    Thank you for this thread.

    I was just wondering whether this tool only applies on rooted LGs mentioned or if it works (and I hope so) on almost any rooted device.

    The screenshot makes me think it's a generic device tool, once it detects your hardware, but it's just a personal guess. That might come useful to me, if that's the case.
  11. shavi

    shavi New Member

    can some one helpme??

    im doing what tutorial says but..

    the program does nothing..

    shoul i see a progress bar ??

    how many time it takes to say " DONE " ??? ..

    i have the phone in download mode and aparently i have all drivers installed... but the phone has no rom inside .. im trying to resize system partition to install cm10.. what should i do ?

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