Easily root the Optimus Showtime

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  1. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    After searching for threads and discussions for this device I kept coming up empty handed. I was able to get the device rooted.


    Root was confirmed by root checker and everything seems to be working fine.

    Now dont let the xperia comments throw you off. I was indeed able to get my device rooted using this method and best part is it only takes 30 seconds or so.

    I usually dont try random tactics to obtain root but I figured since this method works on several ICS/JB devices I would give it a shot. Of course doing so would be done at your own risk. Nobody will be held responsible for any type of damage you may do. I can post screenshots of obtained root if anyone has any doubt of the validity of this method.

    Now that there is an easy way to obtain root here is to hoping a custom recovery will follow soon :)

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  2. TheWhiteTyger

    TheWhiteTyger New Member

    Are you the same "BobbyBlunt" from ps3hax.net website? BTW the root worked for me and my wife's Optimus Showtime LGL86C. Thank a million!

    For those that are curious, be sure to select "Normal Mode" when you run the program and make sure to have the LG USB drivers installed for you phone first, else it WON'T work.
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  3. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    Yes I am the same person :)
  4. TheWhiteTyger

    TheWhiteTyger New Member

    Nice dude, and thanks again for the root tip. I have been killing myself since last month trying to find just a simple root as this. Thanks again.
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  5. portcitypetino

    portcitypetino Active Member

    Can someone please PM the link because that one on XDA isn't working!
  6. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    Both links are working just fine for me. I just tried them both
  7. helprootpl

    helprootpl New Member

    I have the optimus showtime software L86CV10a with android 4.0.4 will thiss root this software version?
  8. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    The XDA thread listed above indicates that it "is able to root ICS/JB phones.", so it looks very hopeful for you :).

    Best of luck and welcome to AF! :)
  9. helprootpl

    helprootpl New Member

    Thanks. this will be my first attempt at gaining root. Does this include instructions for backing up my Rom? Dont wanna make a mistake i cant fix.
  10. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Ah, I don't believe so...it looks like Bin4ry's thread is simply about installing the root binaries. You shoudld have a good read through that thread to get all of the ins and outs of the method (I have not personally used it--was just commenting that the first two lines posted indicate that it could root an ICS or JB device).

    Backing-up your ROM should take a custom recovery (for taking a Nandroid backup) and I don't believe this addresses that--but you are very wise to consider covering (having a contingency plan) yourself before rooting (many folks do not, unfortunately).

    I don't own the Optimus Showtime, so I'm afraid I can't be of much specific help.

    Best of luck and safe rooting!

  11. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    I am actually working on trying to get a recovery going for this device. A lot of android stuff is new to me but a lot isnt. I have done my homework and I am doing what I can. I welcome assistance though LOL.

    I will start an IRC channel on efnet called #OptimusShowtime for discussion and potential development for this device
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  12. JJChowboy

    JJChowboy Active Member

    I bought a new Optimus Showtime with ICS 4.0 and want to root it also. The link above just states:
    "Sorry, we encountered an error processing your request. Please go back and retry or wait a minute.

    The Administrators have been notified of this error", and never loads another page. I have clicked the link several times, after waiting at least 5 minutes each time.

    Please tell me/us what the correct URL is.


  13. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    It's not you, ChowBoy, XDA's been a little wonky this evening... The thread/link worked just fine for me the other night, so try it again later (it's not working for me at the moment, so give it a bit).

    Best of luck!
  14. JJChowboy

    JJChowboy Active Member

    Thank you for the information. I will wait a few days and try again.

  15. JJChowboy

    JJChowboy Active Member

    Thanks. I waited about 5 minutes after receiving your message, and link worked fine.

    Thank you again.

    Oh, yes - can you please tell me where to find info on backing up system as it is now (new). All the tools I've read about to completely back system and apps say you have to have root first. Well, that's fine - but what if you need to go back to original package?

  16. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Cool, glad you got the link stuff sorted :).

    To do an entire / whole phone backup, you would take a backup (Nandroid backup) from your custom recovery. Unfortunately, I don't know that state/status of whether or not a custom recovery is available on your device, so I can't really guide you in that respect.

    If you are rooted, until you can take a Nandroid backup, you should be very cautious as to what root-related things you do on your device so as to not leave yourself in a non-functional state. Unfortunately, that covers most things that you can do as/under root ;).
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  17. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    So I had someone stop by the IRC channel and ask about my progress on the recovery. I have actually been quite busy with vehicle repairs and trying to start my business. I am still working on it but my time committed to this recovery has been limited. We will get there though :)

    As the nice moderator has stated be careful with what you do in the meantime as far as root is concerned. So far I haven't heard of any bricks from the method I posted but once you are rooted there are things that are potentially dangerous to be doing without a way to backup or restore said backup.

    Once we can get a working recovery rom development will start. That is one thing I am somewhat familiar with.
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  18. gjbnh

    gjbnh New Member

    I was able to root my wife's Showtime with SSRoot for Android; Google it
  19. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Can you post a link to what you used? (XDA, AndroidCentral, rootzwiki, etc.?)

    I'm not seeing anything obvious in the results...
  20. dsgg82slim

    dsgg82slim New Member

    BTW: I used the "Poot" app and it rooted my phone just fine...

    View attachment Poot-debug.apk

    View attachment Ministro II.apk

    View attachment org.kde.necessitas.ministro.apk

    View attachment org.kde.ministro.config.apk

    I just bought the same phone/version from StraightTalk(CDMA) and I loved it until I tried out the PimpMyRom app from Google Play store. Now, I can't make a call or receive SMS/MMS, not showing IMEI or network info at all. Can anyone hook me up with a stock ROM or the original build.prop info. Or at least tell me how o fix it through the terminal emulator?

    Kinda desperate, since I just paid $200 for this phone...
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  21. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    I can give you all the information from build.prop. As far as a stock image we can't do anything for you as of yet since the recovery is still being worked on. you might beable to fix it with a factory reset or with the lg software on pc.
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  22. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    Well during a little research I have found a couple of other LG phones almost identical. The Splendor and the venice. All 3 devices appear to be identical in appearance and specs. The Splendor and Venice appear to be other devices with little to no community support. The Venice is however getting JellyBean (OTA).

    I was looking to see if maybe certain things could be ported and whatnot to make things easier, but things are looking grim. This device is giving me similar issues that other people have had (IE. obtaining the proper dumps)

    Now I was looking and it is harmless tinkering. If for some reason one of the other 2 devices gets a recovery I wouldn't run and flash it to this device. Just because they look similar in design and have similar specs does not mean it is the same phone

    Edit: I found some information on how to get the info I need :)

    Edit 2: Recovery.img was dumped, a new one was built, but we have the problem of how to flash it. Many of these LG phones have locked bootloaders :( So close yet so far away :(

    Edit 3: Sorry my head must be in the clouds. Here is a dump of the recovery and boot partitions of this device if anyone else would like to chip in..... they can be found here.

    Also you can enter a terminal and dump your own. Make sure you are root (type su in the terminal and grant su or superuser access)

    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p14 of=/sdcard/recovery.img

    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p9 of=/sdcard/boot.img

    Turns out to be the same blocks as the splendor too.

    Edit 4: Here is the recovery that has been built. It can be located at the link HERE. Flashing this is going to take a brave soul lol. I have not tried to flash it and I dont suggest anyone else try to flash it unless they know of a way to recover or just have this device lying around as an unused spare. If you choose to try and flash it be aware that nobody is responsible for any damage that you may do to your device.
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  23. Jollyman00

    Jollyman00 New Member

    I have a showtime that is stuck at boot with a secure booting unsuccessful error. I will try to flash it if you can explain how. I can put the phone into download mode and that's it. It won't allow me to do a factory reset or anything before shutting down.
  24. BobbyBlunt

    BobbyBlunt Member

    Well from my understanding there is signature verification on both the boot.img and the recovery.img so we would need to unlock the bootloader to be able to flash it at all. Thanks LG for locking all of your bootloaders after ICS :(

    The Optimus L7 is identical to our device. I am going to see if that bootloader exploit can be ported for this devi e but even though they are similar they are still different
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  25. MalindaDawn

    MalindaDawn Active Member

    I have never rooted a phone but I have the same one through st and I want the jb update but I guess I have to be rooted....is there anyway you can help me??? I don't want to change anything but that...I just want the update....I am not a tinkerer when it comes to the system lol I don't wanna screw up the only phone I have....our get bricked by st for doing it....they told me I can't get the update cause it is locked to ics and I don't want it any more......any help would b GREATLY appreciated....

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