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Easter Egg apps?General

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  1. Apps like Swype and ports like Genie have all been given to us for manual installation and can not be found on the Market. Are there any other goodies out there for 1.5 that have not been released on the Market?

  2. arock

    arock Well-Known Member

    Other than a couple of beta programs (rhapsody, and a couple of dumb games i tried) i havent really seen too much myself.
  3. n1ghtwish

    n1ghtwish Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've spent quite a bit of time Googling 3rd party apps not available in the market... Have not found any at all haha, so if anyone else knows what else is available, please share ;)
  4. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    I thought I heard about that porn market app, which isn't in the market. but dont recall the name of it. Other than that and the lite versions of swype. nope.
  5. Well, even betas would be nice. Just to see what's coming up.

    Speaking of beta, how about StarCraft beta? Yay?
  6. I'm laughing now, at all those looking for root but wont be getting new nodded apps and such for their Eris because it's so ignored.

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