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  1. jpizle

    jpizle Well-Known Member

    If u keep tapping on version in the about phone andy comes up wearing an ice cream sandwich! But it gets better when andy comes up just keep ur finger pressed on him and u will see something cool!! Let me know what ya think.:cool:

  2. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Gotta love the Easter eggs :D
  3. martyn357

    martyn357 Well-Known Member

    How the heck did ya find that? You got WAAAAAYYYY too much time on your hands, lol
  4. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Well-Known Member

    Ha nice find
  5. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    Wow I had forgot about this from the reviews of ics well that was all the way back last november.
  6. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    geez idk what to say abot this its cool but how the hell does go about figuring this out hmm let me just keep pressing random stuff till something happens
  7. Flablitz

    Flablitz Well-Known Member

    It's on a couple other phones too
  8. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    It's on most if not all ics phones.
  9. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    that. is. awesome.
  10. jpizle

    jpizle Well-Known Member

    I think on all Androids it was a gingerbread zombie on the admire
  11. pcgamer

    pcgamer Well-Known Member

    On jellybean its a lot of jellybeans floating around, and you can fling em!
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  12. Matthew83

    Matthew83 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for that bit of info. I seen a youtube video of someone doing that but wasnt sure how they did it.
  13. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Same on OM CM7.
  14. Da Boss

    Da Boss Active Member

    Thats so cool.
  15. jmwinf146

    jmwinf146 Well-Known Member

    That was silly but cool.
  16. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    cool man.
  17. chicle

    chicle Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm just dense and not doing it right.

    I go to settings > about phone, then click on android version several times and nothing happens.

    I'm rooted and everything else, besides some occasional over heating, is working fine.
  18. jpizle

    jpizle Well-Known Member

    Keep clicking fast
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  19. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

    Click 3-5 times fast and stop real quick.
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  20. chicle

    chicle Well-Known Member

    Thanks, got it working. :)
  21. charruamama

    charruamama Member

    Lol awesome.

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