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  1. stingrays

    stingrays Well-Known Member

    Go to system setting, about phone, and tap android version quickly and you get the ice cream android.

  2. stingrays

    stingrays Well-Known Member

    Ok so once you have you ice cream droid open, press down and keep your thumb or what ever digit you use on the ics droid. It will start to vibrate and flying droids...lol
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  3. animejoe69

    animejoe69 Well-Known Member

    how did you come accross this? i know lots of printers and other pc gadgets have easter eggs but never dreamed a phone would
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  4. Jesus359

    Jesus359 Well-Known Member

    Every android phone has it. 2.3 GB has a ginger bread man and an android in a pinting called Zombie art by Jack Larson, I believe.
  5. dolfinluvr

    dolfinluvr Well-Known Member

    That was freaking cool I don't care who you are (in my Larry the cable guy voice)... Lol
  6. C3Pdr0id

    C3Pdr0id Well-Known Member

  7. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    Poke around in the system UI activity with a different launcher, you'll find another nice little surprise. ;)
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