[EASY] How to Make Windows Recognize your TransformTips

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  1. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Go to this link on Samsung's website.


    Now click the 'software tab' and download the "Device(Install),USB Driver (Software) (ver.1.3.350.0)" It's a .exe file. Run the file and let the program install the drivers quick. Now here's the trick. Look for where you downloaded the drivers on your computer. Should be in /Program Files/Samsung/Drivers something to that extent. You should see about 21 different folders. These are all different drives that can be used. So when your computer aks you to install the software and put in a CD or select a folder, Pick the 3rd one. I did it and SWUpdater than called it I think... 'Samsung ADB Composite Router'. Anyway you just have to pick one of those driver folders, or the 3rd one like I did, some won't work just so you know, but now I can connect my Transform to computer with no issues at all.

    Thanks my Computer Repair Technician certification for this haha. If I didn't write something clear enough, just comment about it.

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  2. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    I believe there are some computers (mostly laptops) where it simply will not connect. This didn't work for my dell laptop. Absolutely nothing would make it connect. I think it may be because the USB doesn't get enough power.
  3. fgr

    fgr New Member


    I just got a Transform for my girlfriend, and had been trying for over a day to get the thing to connect to either my desktop or her laptop. It just refused to connect to either one. No mass storage, no adb debugging, no notification whatsoever in the taskbar.

    I did LOTS of searching, tried many different cables, installed all the drivers I could find, uninstalled them and reinstalled, debugging enabled/disabled, nothing would work.

    Finally tried temporarily disabling my Trend Micro Titanium anti virus and BAM!!! works fine every time. Doesn't matter if debugging is checked or not.

    What's wierd here is my EVO connected to both computers without issue since day one !?!?

    Apparently Trend Micro doesn't like something in the Samsung drivers. I haven't had time yet to see if I can set Trend Micro to unblock the Transform, I'll be working on that later. I'll post again if I find out anything.
  4. missladyt2010

    missladyt2010 Active Member

    The link doesnt work. Im having this exact issue as well. Tried a hard reset with sprint and it didnt fix the issue.. Help please!
  5. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Well-Known Member

    Seems to be a problem with the Samsung website. Try going to samsung.com and looking
  6. missladyt2010

    missladyt2010 Active Member

    Laptop not recognizing and cant find the driver on Samsung site.
  7. twistedsense

    twistedsense Well-Known Member

    Something I did to help my computer to recognize the phone is go to Device Manager in Windows and look at Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Look at properties for any and all USB Root Hubs. Go to Power Management and uncheck the box that allows Windows to turn off hub to save power.
    I also unplugged everything from the USB plugs but the phone and that got my computer to recognize my phone.
    As Cooper271 said I also believe that enough power isnt being sent to the port and this might help in addition to eveyone elses steps.
  8. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Cooper said that before Ultimate Kernel was released which increased USB power drawn when connected to a PC. Should work on even a dead battery.
  9. simonben1982

    simonben1982 New Member

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