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Easy Server Backup Monitoring

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  1. logictek

    logictek New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 16, 2011
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    I run a small technology consulting firm, and receive many e-mailed logs daily (sometimes hourly) from various servers I manage & monitor. For a long while, I've settled for quickly scanning my e-mail, always, to keep on top of things, but...

    Is there a simple monitoring widget, or app, which has a simplistic interface with green/red lights, and names for each, designating server/process? Behind this, we'd need a little bit of relatively simple logic, to pattern-match keywords in subject/sender/body of e-mails (using k9, can link into, or a standalone mail agent?), and display lights accordingly. If we wanna be really showy, ring/vibe and topbar alerts are a bonus. ohoh, and we can trigger an alert if an expected log Doesn't arrive in time!!!

    Well, anyways, you get the idea. If you have any idea, do let me know? :)



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