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  1. Sticks

    Sticks Well-Known Member

    For those that use the Easy Tether apps w/Verizon, has anyone been slapped with unauthorized usage charges?

    I hate seeing these disclaimers;
    At home I use my DSL for day to day use.

    My job is working outside, often at the corner of "No" and "Where" when I need to send emails, research for service manuals, send and receive pictures from the office, and the occasional web browsing at non wireless hotels.

    Right now I have a separate wireless hot spot modem for this, and am hating the extra $59 a month.

    Does Verizon have the ability to sense these types of apps allowing people to use their phone as a modem on their PC with limited use (under 750mb month)?

    I don't want to drop the wireless card and use the phone and get that surprise bill in the mail for an extra several hundred dollars.

    Phone - Motorola Droid (1st Gen, 2.2os), Nationwide access plan w/unlimited data.

  2. nightelvesreasy

    nightelvesreasy Well-Known Member

    no charges yet, and I've been tethering for months, but I also keep it between 5 and 10 gigs of data usage, last month I went over my limit, but no charges

    yes verizon has the ability to see if the data your using is going through a computer, if your just going to be using less than 750MB a month, don't even worry about it, I have a friend that uses his phone as his primary source of internet, long story short his monthly data usage is over 40 gigs every month, and he has yet to be charged for data.
  3. mikeg2716

    mikeg2716 Member

    Yeah ive been using easytether (full version) for about two months now and its my primary source of internet. I use it to play my PS3 online and any other internet browsing. Im not sure how much memory ive been using but i havent been slapped with any charges yet.


    just checked on VZW online and my memory usage right now is right under 1.7 gb (1700mb)

    What I don't get is why they want to slap people with a charge for the usage even though you have an unlimited mb usage plan. I understand their reason just i dont see the point in it.
  4. bleedGreen

    bleedGreen Well-Known Member

    I agree. I too use the full version(well worth the 10buks). Have not seen the charges either.
  5. nightelvesreasy

    nightelvesreasy Well-Known Member

    speaking of EasyTether, is there any way to stop it from randomly disconnecting, I've noticed that BB4 it would happen ALOT, but now I'm on LFY1.6 and it still randomly disconnects, just not as much as it used to, on average it disconnects when I recieve a text message, would that be a voltage issue or is it just the app.
  6. brianerikson

    brianerikson New Member

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