Easy Tether on Mac OS?

  1. kryff

    kryff New Member

    Does anyone know if the Easy Tether works on a Mac?:

  2. munky

    munky New Member

    Hi, looking at the support info for Easytether I would guess not "Mac OS X support will follow later"

    I would recommend Anetshare, it's free and works 100% with OSX...I tried it earlier! You will need Root access though.

  3. mstream

    mstream Member

  4. JockVSJock

    JockVSJock Active Member

    I've installed that .dmg found under the Easy Tether Blog and it seemed to install fine and was able to test out fine.

    I then tried it another day and wasn't able to get it to go. I made sure to disable IPv6 and even rebooted and still had the same issue.

    I am now tethering from my HTC Hero (Sprint) and using my Mac OS X 10.5.8 and now it is working ok. I didn't do anything different this time.

    Was wondering if others are having any issues like this.


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