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Easy way to switch between apps?Support

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  1. EdNerd

    EdNerd Well-Known Member

    My first post from my brand new Fascinate! So if my spelling is off, I can blame fat fingers on the keyboard.

    Is the there an easy way to switch between open apps? I'm listening to Pandora while playing a game, and I've got the browser open to read insructions. Pandora showed on the top bar, and I found how to pull that down to get back to it.

    But to go from any screen back to the game or the broswer, I had to go to the home screen, then the apps menu, then select the app. Is there a way to just go right from one to another?

    (And is there any way to move forward or backward in text one charactet at a time?!?)


  2. nunyazz

    nunyazz Well-Known Member

    click and hold the home key...
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  3. speedfreak

    speedfreak Well-Known Member

    Yea root it and get 2.2 or just keep touching the screen until you get the cursor in the right spot. Iphone is light years ahead on this topic
  4. EdNerd

    EdNerd Well-Known Member

    Neat trick, nunyazz. Thanks!!


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