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  1. lim_weng

    lim_weng New Member


    Please help to advise any easy method to transfer data/apps from Samsung Note to HTC 1 SV?



  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi lim-weng. Welcome to Android Forums. If you have some extra space on your PC, I'd suggest connecting your note while in mass storage mode to your PC and moving your pics etc onto your PC. Then connect the One SV and move them off of the PC to your new phone. Be advised that your apps will need to be downloaded and installed again. Moving the folders and files associated with a downloaded app will not install it. The play store with your google login should restore your third party apps and the paid ones will be free this time. I hope this helps and that you enjoy these forums. Welcome to the community and may your SV serve you well.
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