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EasyTether Lite

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  1. s400

    s400 New Member

    Lite version (at least) just doesn't want to work. The pc software installs .... and then just seems to disappear from view (no icons, start menu item or anything). :mad:

    When I try using it, the phone tries to force me to enter a code which has to be purchased - ie. a forced upsale to the full version. :eek:

    Certainly, internet access isn't possible from the lite version on my pc/phone (win vista latop and Samsung Interceptor).

    But if anyone has any thoughts on how to fix it so it works .... that would be very much appreciated :)

  2. I would uninstall it and install PDAnet (free; in the market) because that does work!
  3. s400

    s400 New Member

    Did this - seemed to work at first. At least I got an icon on my laptop!!

    Managed to connect for about 30 seconds fine, and then it crapped out with an error code = 1 (whatever that means?!?)

    What's more, it destroyed my USB driver for the phone, so now I can't use the phone on the laptop at all !:mad:!

    Any suggestions on how to recover from this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. What kind of icon? A PDAnet icon, or a volume icon?
    If it's the latter, that's not wrong, but it's not at all an indication that PDAnet is or is not working. It only proves that your laptop 'recognises' (mounts) the phone as an external volume to your laptop('s internal) HD. Over USB (so USB drivers seem fine...). So you should be able to move (copy) files from one to the other.

    Define "Managed to connect" please. To the internet from the laptop? You got webpages? Or eMail?
    Are you running PDAnet correctly on both the phone and on the laptop?

    "it destroyed my USB driver for the phone". Yeah?
    How do you know that?
    And who was handling the phone when it happened?

    Restore backup.

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