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  1. thefletch

    thefletch Well-Known Member

    Ey up ever since Installed the offical ebay app and try and view an item i get this error 5013 does anyone else get it or know of a fix!

  2. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Try deleting and reinstalling as my eBay app works perfectly on my Nexus.
  3. thefletch

    thefletch Well-Known Member

    Tried that after I tried clearing the cache I have also found a thread on xda forum with people having same problem but there doesnt seem to be an answer!
  4. Car7os

    Car7os New Member


    First time poster here with exactly the same problem on my Nexus, can't find any answers anywhere.

    I'm assuming this is an icecream problem that hopefully will be sorted out with a eBay update.
  5. Doubleatheman

    Doubleatheman Well-Known Member

    Oh so its not just me, whew... I've just been using ebay.com in the browser (I have already fallen in love with the "request desktop site" button.)

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