Ebook app for Cliq?

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  1. robguerra

    robguerra New Member

    Is there any app for the Cliq that will let me read ebooks well?
    Has anybody tried reading them? is it comfortable? does it look good?

    thanks ! =) im getting my Cliq in a week! Caannttt wait !

  2. NiNi

    NiNi G1/Cliq Guide

    there is a quick office app on the cliq, im pretty sure you can view pdf files and if not THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT!
  3. Sanction

    Sanction New Member

    A great free one that I use is FBReader, it works with quite a few of the formats out there. HYReader is a couple bucks, but it even reads html and chm (windows help collection) files.
  4. Lfre09

    Lfre09 New Member

    You can go to ebooks for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Palm Treo and Centro, Symbian Mobile Phones and more - Over 60,000 Titles and counting!. Use the browser on your phone. The site will direct you to ereader for android. You will have to have to allow the install of non-Market apps on your phone first: Settings-Applications-Unknown sources.

    After installing if you have Astro file manager installed you can access the "download" folder and save the .apk file to your sd card.
  5. mzteespeak

    mzteespeak Member

    Also, I haven't used any of the ereaders ... but, I now purchase most of my books from shortcovers and their app is on the market. It works pretty good, but I have had some issues with it saving the last page I was on in the book. However, one thing I like about it, it stores all of my books in a library and I can read my books online or on the phone and don't use up my phone memory/card memory.
  6. harrish687

    harrish687 New Member

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