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  1. jkmailley

    jkmailley Well-Known Member

    Hello All...

    Is there anyway to change the color for the different Calendars? I have my Outlook calendar showing as a green and my google one is blue. I what my Outlook to be a purple or something.

    I've tried Pure Grid Calendar...no go...

  2. ryan79260

    ryan79260 Active Member

    I believe they correspond to the colors you have assigned on the actual google calendar website. If you change it there, it should change on your phone.
  3. ryan79260

    ryan79260 Active Member

    Just confirmed it. Change the color on the website, and then manually refresh on your phone and watch the colors change right before your eyes.

    Love the integration!!!
  4. jkmailley

    jkmailley Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip!

    It's the color of my Outlook calendar I want to change...Not to fond of the green.
  5. razorclose

    razorclose Well-Known Member

    Umm, how do you do that? :eek:
  6. jkmailley

    jkmailley Well-Known Member

    I've been able to change the colors in the gmail calendar by going to settings for each "calendar". However, I can't edit the green for my Outlook calendar that is updated when I sync with my pc. Where is that color?
  7. MrBojenglz

    MrBojenglz Well-Known Member

    i changed the calendar colors on my pc but when I go to calendar on my phone they all stay 1 color. If I use the agenda widget the colors are different but the monthly calendar view is what I need to work. Any advice?
  8. nomecks

    nomecks New Member

    I'm gonna give this a bump. I got a Galaxy S, and the default Outlook color is a really ugly purple. Is there any way to change this, or is there a decent replacement calendar available?
  9. Paladin54

    Paladin54 New Member

    OK, need some help with this please.

    I have my Google Calendar set up. I picked Blue for my events. I also have my wife's on mine and her events are red. This is set up on my desktop.

    But on my Desire both of our events are red. How do I fix this?
  10. tieske8

    tieske8 New Member

    I ran into this one as well, but completely accidentally found a solution.

    Install "Pocket Informant", its a taskmanager app that syncs with Toodledo. But in one of its options screens it lets you change the standard calendar colors, without having to root the device.

    I fixed my unreadable outlook calendar; maroon red with black text, to be yellow now, works like a charm.

    (using Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
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  11. giluriel

    giluriel New Member

    Simply great

  12. Thanks, Pocket Informant free trial works great for this purpose of changing stock calendar color ( hotmail exchange calendar in my case )
    Free trial link is listed on their app description

    direct link to apk unregistered version
  13. schleprx7

    schleprx7 New Member

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  14. denverpedro

    denverpedro New Member

  15. bob01000

    bob01000 Active Member

    The calendar and task color in the synced google calendar are controlled by the online google account. Log in to your google account on a computer. Go into the Calendar (online) and change the colors there. You can pick any colors on that Gmail calendar.

    I'm not sure how to change colors on non google calendars. (or just download the 'set calendar color' app on Google Play Store)

  16. Wônway®

    Wônway® New Member

    Greetings. I have a confusing situation. Recently I had to erase clear all my files in my calendar because I could not delete them the normal way. However, now I seem to be missing the Exchange ActiveSync in my calendar (even though it says it's already there in add accounts) and also, due to my "resetting" my task colors in multi-calendars do not match. In "my tasks" the color is light purple but in the calendar it is a dark purple and also in "my tasks" in another list, the color is green, but again in calendar it is blue. As I said above, they matched before I 'reset'. Please excuse the confusion. I have an HTC one V.
    Thanx for all your help.

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