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Edit your moboot menuTips

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  1. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    [Rc1] An App To Manage Moboot Settings From Inside Webos - RootzWiki

    Needs to be installed from Preware (didn't work for me) or download the zip, extract and install from webOSQuickInstall.

    I used this to change my default timeout from 5 seconds to 9. Why 9? Because you can't type in 10. I can type 91, but not 10 since the zero key apparently isn't allowed. (I did not try 11.)

    For best results, use app in portrait mode so you can see all the fields with the keyboard present.

    So far all you can change are these fields:


  2. untitled1

    untitled1 Well-Known Member

    This should come in handy. Thanks for the tip.

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