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Edited Vold.fstab for Alpha 2

  1. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Well-Known Member

    If by using this mod the world comes to and end, or you are suddenly sucked back in time only to accidentally kill your grandfather leaving your future uncertain, I take no responsibility for the consequences. Oh yeah. same thing if it screws up your tablet. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    I have an edited vold.fstab for the Alpha 2 ICS and Gingerbread . It will swap the internal storage with the external storage for the /mnt/sdcard. So instead of the system only having 2.7GB it will have, as in my case 29GB ready to use. So far I have not come across any issues installing new app or using system apps.

    You will need adb drivers installed to use the .cmd file included. Just unzip and run the .cmd file when you are ready. It will overwrite the existing and place a voldorig.fstab on the tablet in case you have issues.

    Before running it would be best to back up any apps and data you are currently using. Once run it will replace the internal memory with the external microsd so you will not have access to any data you currently have saved under /mnt/sdcard.

    Remember as with any mod you use it at your own risk, but of course I will help out with any problems you may have.




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  2. mrast

    mrast Well-Known Member

    I got it to work by copy and pasteing through root explorer and rebooting. But im sure it will work either way
  3. TheKrell

    TheKrell Well-Known Member

    How did you do that exactly? Wasn't root explorer itself residing in the partition that you are swapping with extsd?
  4. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Well-Known Member

    It is a file, not a partition. The system isn't constantly reading the file to hold the mount points. Just like editing the build.prop.

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