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  1. FingerNinja

    FingerNinja New Member


    Just moved this to here as it was included in my introduction to the forums when it wasn't suppose to be.

    Moving from iOS to android on Monday (getting HTC Desire Hd)

    I am probably going to want to mess around with the phone a lot and was wondering if I have to 'root' it to be able to access the main stock images to mess around with on Photoshop or can you access them with a simple file manager like Astro? (that's just one I have heard of while floating around here)

    Also is there any point 'rooting' now that android is on 2.2?

    Thanks in advance for any answers.



  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    When you say "stock images" what exactly do you mean? The icons for apps etc? There are a number of different launchers and themes out there anyway so you might find a decent set of new icons on the market somewhere.

    With Rooting, it really depends what you want to do. I'm in to looking under the hood, but I've found no real reason to root as the various apps available make some things pretty easy to do without rooting. Also, it's a
  3. FingerNinja

    FingerNinja New Member

    So it is possible to create your own icons for apps then? Presumably I can download an app theme from the Market and then find the files with a file manager and edit them myself?

    Also in regards to the warranty, there surely has to be a way to remove evidence of the root?

    Do you know if all stock images are viewable through a standard file manager? i.e apps, clocks, widgets that kind of stuff. In other words access to everything?
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It sounds like you would need to root to do the things you want as I can't see any of the files that make up the themes etc when I browse the phone via ES File Manager. It looks like they're all stored on the phone itself as opposed to the SD Card. Rooting grants access to the phones memory I think.

    I'm really not sure about removing evidence of the root to be honest, I'm not entirely au faux with that sort of thing.

    If no one here can answer, you could try over at XDA? I'm sure there's someone here who'll know though.

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