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  1. bdtbdt

    bdtbdt New Member

    I'm finding this new Tablet very frusrating. How do I navigate to the top of a text field? Is there a way to jump to the top?

    For instance when I reply to an email, the cursor starts at the bottom, below all of the other text. So, I try to scroll up, but if I am not slow and super careful, I bump up against the top of the text box and then the cursor drops back to the bottom of the text box.

    This seems to happen anywhere that I enter text whether it is the built in mail app or entering text into a web based form.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. azlen

    azlen Active Member

    Tap lightly where you want the cursor to be. If you are new to tablets and touch screens, it takes a short while to get the feel of tapping.

    Also, there are other keyboards available (Skype) which have cursor movement keys.
  3. bdtbdt

    bdtbdt New Member

    OK, but my question is ... how do I get the cursor to the top of the text box. Is there a 'shortcut' of some sort to jump to the top?

    Thanks, BDT


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