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  1. t0ast3d

    t0ast3d Well-Known Member

    Okay guys, I'm a well known dev at AC but moved on.

    How do I get my sub-forum? I'm so confused lol

  2. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    PM'd ya
  3. t0ast3d

    t0ast3d Well-Known Member

    Would it be out of line to post a thread in the 4G section introducing my roms?
  4. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    Nope not at all. Eventually I'd like that to not be necessary as I hope the dev forums will become well known and commonplace but until then naturally it's fine to drum up support. Do post them in your area though, and encourage members to start visiting there to interact with you. :)
  5. t0ast3d

    t0ast3d Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's all I'm here for!

    I do love the own dev section though, it's amazing lol.

    I'll see if I can't get some people to check out this sec :p

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