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  1. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    cant get the wifi to work properly.

    hi i have the eken m009f. when i first got it the wifi worked ok but i had to store it away for a month while i waited for a paypal case as i was sent the wrong item from china. anyway costs too much to send back so im stuck with it.

    i have factory restored it around 4 times during that as it needed to be start condition.

    ok let me tell u what happens..

    i goto wifi settings... select my network...input the password...click done...it say (obtaining IP address)... the says disconnected...

    my network status then says disconnected and wifi returns to scanning.

    all my other devices in the house pick up the wifi ok. i just dont know what i could of possibly done to this one?:confused:

  2. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    also there is noway of getting any support from the company who sent it as they are online scammers. who just want me to send it back at my expense. which costs farrrr toooo much and they know it.
  3. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    im going tp try flashing it from the eken site to make sure its the right o/s. but thats going to take a few days for an adaptor to come..

    any ideas in the meantime?
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I think you're done with that one. You seem to have tried everything you can. You could try flashing it, might kill it completely though. Defective wifi seems to be a very common problem with these things. Thing is these devices from China are often just thrown together, with very little actual testing and QC.
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Sometimes you can get support, although being fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese helps immensely though.


    Most of these tablets are not intended to be sold outside of Mainland China. They're not FCC, UL or CE approved.
  6. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    no not ebay. vkmobi
  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    OK I know who they are, a Chinese wholesaler that also sells counterfeit iPhones. Suggest next time you buy a tablet from a reputable retailer, e.g. Best Buy if you're in the US.
  8. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    yes, my worst ever experience with the far east.
  9. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I live in China and I know what some of this cheap Chinese tech can be like. If I buy something and it's faulty, I just take it back and they'll replace it. Went through four MP4 players recently, before I found one that worked properly. Same thing with clothes and toys, some of it is absolutely awful.

    Thing is though it's not all rubbish, a reputable US or UK importer will work with Chinese manufacturers to ensure what they're selling works properly, has the required approvals like FCC or CE, is localised, e.g. Google Play, works with Youtube, Hulu, Netflix etc, and most importantly provide local warranty and tech support.
  10. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    i have had some good experience on ebay. but this company is a real bad one they knew what they were doing and misled me i order to scam me and it seems alot of other people across the globe but not china. paypal system protects them and allows them to get away with it. as it cost more to send stuff back to them then what the items are worth. example if you want you
  11. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    im down
  12. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    You'll probably hate this, You know you can buy quite a nice Archos 7in tablet from PC World or Currys for around 150-200 quid GBP? ...with full UK warranty, Google, BBC iPlayer, etc.

    BTW when a few of my Chinese friends have asked me what tablet they should buy, I've nearly always recommended Samsung, or if they can afford it, an iPad....and NOT Shenzhen Acme Cheapo Android Pad Fake Iphone Co. Ltd, or whatever.
  13. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    update: i got the wifi to work.... this is how i got it to work this might be worth a try for anyone else who has this problem.

    i went into advanced settings for the wifi. and chose the option "static IP"

    went to my router and got the numbers i needed. aslo avaiable in run...cmd...ipconfig


    i needed to put in atleat one of the dns numbers which is the same as the gateway number. i put as dns1 and as dns2

    after putting them in i noticed the signal bar came on full. but then went off this was because it did not ask for a password, and my wifi was passworded.

    i then saved it and went back into wifi

    i selected my wifi and setup as usual selecting my network and putting in my password. it connected straight away.

    in conclusion.

    its like the wifi when running automatically didnt know one of the above fields i had to put in. duno why.
  14. rgeorge22

    rgeorge22 New Member

    After days of trying this actually SOLVED the issue. Now if I can just get the touch screen to work again..ughhh


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