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  1. doops22

    doops22 Member

    Just picked up the Electrify M on a buy one get one free sale. The US Cellular store I got it from only had a couple of the cheap jelly cases. I've been eyeing the Ballistic SG case, also waiting to see if otterbox comes out with anything for is. The Ballistic looks a little better than the otterbox I had on my first Electrify, but I like how the otterbox covers all of the phone's ports.

    Anyone get a hold of one of the Ballistic cases? Heard any news on anything else worth buying?

  2. ShanDroyd

    ShanDroyd Well-Known Member

    a family member bought the Balistic, from USCC ( black&White ) and says its nice but prefers otter box. I tried ordering a hard plastic 2-piece graphic case for my daughters, but the RAZR versions do not fit.
    Today I bought the Blue Otter Box commuter for $39.99 I figured the $5.00 more dollars than ebay, Amazon, etc, was worth getting to try it on since it is branded for the RAZR.

    the Gel/TPU cases will fit on the Electrify M, but stay away from the hard plastic, snap on cases. The sleazy guys at the mall kiosks will tell you they fit, but they don't!!!

    a nice case I found on Amazon for $12.99 called Androidied is available, they are pretty cool, they are 2-tone TPU style with the Android robot emobossed on the back side. comes in may colors. check it out, it says specificly for the USCC Electrify M.
  3. doops22

    doops22 Member

    Thanks. My GF works at a US Cellular store. They ordered an otterbox for the RAZR M just to see how it fit. They said it was almost perfect, good enough for most people. I'm gonna go in and see how good it actually fits. Hopefully otterbox gets one out for this phone soon.
  4. emdude

    emdude New Member

    I talked to Otterbox about a case for the M, they said they have no plans to make a case for it right now.
  5. atomictaco

    atomictaco New Member

    I bought the Ballistic and initially it looked decent. After about a month the holster broke. It took Ballistic a week to respond to my email and its been about another week since I responded with their requested information and still no resolution. The rubber surround likes to come off so your constantly adjusting it. I have dropped my phone numerous times and it did protect it though. The Ballistic is far from an Otterbox. It might be an OK deal if it was a $20-$25 case but for $50 it is no where near worth it. I personally wish USCC would drop Ballistic, it simply isn't worth anything near what they are selling it for.
  6. pvdiamon

    pvdiamon Well-Known Member

    I got the Ballistic by default when I learned Otter didn't make a case for it. I've had it about 10 days. On the one hand, it makes the phone rather large (the Maxx model at least). But I really like how well the phone fits in my hand with it, and the protection from drops seems excellent. My dislike is the case that it snaps into on my hip. A bit large, but it is a trade off for excellent drop protection. Funny that it actually fit quite well in my old Blackberry Torch case, but then I can't put any protection on it. I am not sure why I didn't think I needed any wrap protection on my BB, but that phone seemed hardy enough to take falls...kind of miss that aspect of BB, but really liking this Droid.

    You can get the Ballistic at Amazon for less but I hated to wait with an unprotected phone and no holster till it came.


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