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Electrify reboot while in call?Support

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  1. hollygiannelli

    hollygiannelli New Member

    My husband and I just got new Android phones and service through US Cellular on Saturday. He got the Motorola Electrify, while I got a Samsung. He is already on his second phone, the first one would not receive calls until he rebooted the phone and it would also drop calls and reboot itself. He exchanged the phone, and this new one is doing the same thing. He hasn't put any apps on the phone, so I know it's not a bad app.

  2. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    That is quite odd for the Electrify to do that. I've had the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S, but never the Electrify. It could be that your husband received two bad phones back to back. Unfortunately the odds are extremely slim for that case, but it can happen nonetheless.

    Try a 3rd phone and see if it works. If it doesn't, then by the lemon law he is entitlied to a new phone. :)

    Hope everything works out!
  3. hollygiannelli

    hollygiannelli New Member

    This just hit me as a possibilty; in the task manager auto end list, he has everything checked on that list to auto end. Could one of these be the cause of the problem??
  4. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    It very well could be. The point of the Task Manager is to stop applications from running in the background for too long. Typically, the best apps to put in this catagory for the auto-end feature would be games that use data.

    I recommend removing all applications from the auto-end tab and restarting the phone. If it continues to misbehave in the way you described it could be a faulty manufacturing.

    A little note: Android phones don't require app-ending applications or any sort of user action to end applications. This is done automatically by the operating system as memory starts to become limited. Once at this point, the phone will automatically end processes in order of which ones use more memory (RAM). The Electrify is nice for this instance because when an application runs for more than 5 minutes without any sort of user interaction the phone will give a pop-up notification stating the application running is not being used and will ask if you want to close it. :)

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