Electromigration after overclocking?

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  1. Lycosa

    Lycosa Member

    Hey everyone, I've successfully rooted, installed CyanogenMod, and run SetCPU on my Aria. SetCPU works fine, I've overclocked my Aria to 864Mhz without any problems at all but I read that over time there might be "electromigration" which means the wires will short out or something over time if the processor is run at a frequency too high.

    Will this happen to my phone? If so, what frequency would be safe to run at for this not to happen, is there anything higher than the standard 600mhz?

  2. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member

    Hello there, this is the definition i found (found at the bottom of this reply)(i know for PC but same concept)

    To be honest there is no overclock value that can be set to avoid electrmigration put simply. The combination of processors running faster than they are designed to and at a higher temperature is basically what causes it. The problem is no company will never say how quickly overclocking effects their products so its nigh on impossible to say how quickly electromigration would kick in. There really is no way of knowing you could possibly, as a rule of thumb, go with the pretence that the higher the processor is overclocked the quicker it will fail, but again theres no telling when. It is done at your own risk.

    "Electromigration: When the processor is run at a speed that is higher than it is supposed to be run at, there is a chance that the internal components in the processor may break down over time. The internal features of a CPU are sized in the range of microns. It is possible that when the processor is stressed by running at too high a frequency, along with the extra heat that overclocking incurs, that the actual metal lines inside the processor may form shorts or opens and damage the processor over a period of time. How likely this is to happen, and how long it takes is really not known. The system may work fine for a while and then suddenly stop working."
  3. Lycosa

    Lycosa Member

    Thanks!! I assumed that something like 768mhz on my 600mhz processor would still be safe, but now i see that kind of thinking could've killed my phone. I think ill keep my phone clocked normally until i need the extra speed :rolleyes:.
  4. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member

    lol no problem more than welcome!

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