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  1. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member


    This reminders app combines elegance with a set of extremely handy functions. Choose from two types of reminders (Simple and Advanced). Pick the one that's right for you so you don't waste time with unnecessary settings. Remind yourself to call or send a text message to someone at a certain time.
    Simply enter the phone number of the person, enter your message, and you'll be reminded when its time to contact that person.

    You can also customize your reminder to alert you after a certain amount of time (eg. After 5 mins, After 15 mins, After 20mins, etc). For a more solid reminder, you can set the alarm to go off at a certain date/time. You can also have the reminder recur periodically throughout the week, month, and year!

    Add notes to your reminders to store those small details that are so hard to remember.

    Share your reminders via text messaging or email with your friends.

    Repeating alerts mean that you won't miss out on any reminder alerts. Even if you're away from your phone/tablet, the app will keep sounding an alert for the time interval that you specify and it won't stop until you respond to it.

    You can customize your alert type and have it make a sound, vibrate, or flash your LED light. You can also disable these options all together (or individually) for a silent "to-do" task.

    Edit reminders to modify your current ones, instead of deleting them and starting all over again.

    Find it on Google Play!

  2. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    Check it out! We've got two version up and running. The free version has all the functionality that the paid version has, but you can only have up to two reminders at a time. The full version removes this limitation and allows you to have an unlimited number of reminders.

    Reminders ++ Free Version
    Reminders ++ Paid Version

    Sort your reminders by priority, date, or name, so you always know which tasks matter the most to you.
    •Choose between the “Quick Reminder” and “Go Advanced” modes. You won’t have to waste time fumbling around with advanced settings when you don’t actually need them.
    •Speak to your device to set a reminder. You’ll never have to fumble around with the stuff in your hands to set a reminder ever again.
    •Remind yourself to call or send a text message to someone at a certain time. Just enter the phone number of the person, type in a message, and set the date and time when you want to be reminded. When your reminder pops up, you’ll have an option to automatically place your phone call/text message.
    •Choose between three types of reminders: Set a task with no alarm to it, set a task that will remind you after a certain number of minutes or hours, or set a task that will remind you at a fixed date and time
    •Set recurring reminders for those tasks that happen frequently and repeatedly in your life. Choose between daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, and yearly tasks. It’s fast and convenient because you won’t have to set a new reminder each time you need to be reminded of the same exact task, at a different date and time.
    •Share your reminder with friends and family via emails and text messages. Your reminder’s name and note will be used as the default subject line/message body, but you can also change these fields to your liking.
    •Set repeating alerts so you don’t miss out on any of your reminder notifications while you’re not around. Throw in the number of minutes or hours for the alert to repeat, and your phone will keep reminding you for that time interval until you tell it to stop.
  3. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    Flight Gear is an all-in-one Android app that contains backup flight instruments, important calculators, and other useful utilities for pilots. Instead of having to download and pay for multiple aviation apps, pilots can simply download this single app as a consolidated source for all their needs.


    A YouTube demonstration can be found here:

    [ANDROID APP]: Flight Gear - YouTube


    • Photorealistic Attitude Indicator (Uses gyroscope/accelerometer). Can serve as a backup instrument in case your cockpit instrument fails.
    • Photorealistic Heading Indicator
    • Weight & Balance calculator. Instead of having to calculate your moments and CG by hand every time you fly, you can simply save your aircraft's profile (Empty weight, CG Limits, Fuel Consumption, Arm Lengths, etc) and reuse the data that doesn't change. The app will also alert you if you go out of your aircraft's CG Limits or Max Takeoff Weight. Supports multiple aircraft.
    • Fuel timer. Use it as a supplement to your fuel gauges to estimate how much time you left in the air. Enter your total tank capacity, current fuel levels and your GPH rating. The app will start a countdown timer and also automatically alert you when you have 30 mins left.
    • Flight timer. A simple and attractive alternative to having to carry around another gadget with you whenever you fly. Displays Zulu Time underneath the Elapsed Flight Time for quick reference.
    • Dashboard: View your Attitude Indicator, Heading Indicator, Fuel Timer, and Flight Timer all in one screen.
    • Handy E6B Calculator functions. Enter your values and the tool will convert them to every type of parameter that it can think of. Currently includes distance, volume (Jet A1, Jet A, and AVGAS 100LL), True Airspeed Conversion, and Speed. If you'd like to see another tool added, please email or PM me!
    • Auto ATC Notepad [BETA]: Currently in BETA, but it works relatively well. Whenever you get a call from ATC, simply tap on the record button and everything you readback to ATC will be transcribed onto the app. Again, this feature is still being trained to understand every type of Aviation lingo so it may be a bit off at times.
    • Manual ATC Notepad: If the Auto ATC Notepad isn't a viable option for you, you can simply set your assigned instructions in this tool by swiping through the most common parameters (altitude, speed, heading). You can also take miscellaneous notes in the same tool if ATC gives you special instructions.
    Since this app just came out, I'm definitely open for suggestions and improvements. If you'd like to see a certain feature implemented or changed, email me at youforgotwhat@gmail.com or PM me.
  4. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

  5. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    FREE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FlightGear.autophonespeakerfree

    FULL VERSION ($0.99): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FlightGear.autophonespeaker

    Auto Phone Speaker uses the proximity sensor and detects how you're holding your phone to automatically switch between audio output modes. Hold your phone at your ear and your phone will turn on the earpiece (and turn off the speakerphone). Remove the phone from your ear and it will automatically switch on the speakerphone (and turn off the earpiece). Extremely useful if a sudden hands-free situation arises (such as driving in a car) or you just want to include people around you into your phone conversation.

    Auto Phone Speaker also features a microphone mute mode. Your phone will automatically mute the microphone when you move it away from your ear. It'll un-mute your microphone when you place the phone at your ear again.

    Also includes an On-Off toggle button so you can disable Auto Phone Speaker when you don't need it.
  6. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FlightGear.SweepTextingFree

    Full: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FlightGear.SweepTexting

    Sweep Texting completely changes the way you text people. You don't have to switch into your Messages app to send or view texts anymore. Simply sweep your hand down over your phone's screen (without touching it!) and a dialog will pop up with the text message that you just received. Type in your reply and when you're done, sweep your hand up over the device's screen and your text will be sent away! All this can be done from any app so you don't have to worry about losing your game's progress or missing that one scene in the movie you're watching.

    Sweep Texting allows you to customize your texting dialogs with 25 different color combinations (more will be released very soon). You can also disable Sweep Texting when you don't need it. Let me know if you guys have any questions, comments or suggestions at youforgotwhat@gmail.com (or you can reply to this thread).
  7. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    UPDATE: Sweep Texting 1.1 is now out! It includes a Holo styled dialog for ICS+ (Android 4.0+) users.

    The price of the full version has also been dropped to $0.99 (50% off). Get it before it goes back up to its original price again!
  8. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    Thank you, I'll definitely let you know when it's available in your country.

    UPDATE: Sweep Texting has been receiving multiple updates over the past few days (bug fixes, feature additions, etc). Here's the list of new features:

    • Option to disable the "Sent sound" message.
    • Holo theme added for Android 4.0+ users.
    • "Hide" function. You can now hide your message dialog and then recall it by sweeping down your screen. Alternatively, you can dismiss your message (you won't be able to recall it) or simply view it in the messages app.

    If you have any issues/comments/suggestions, please email me at youforgotwhat@gmail.com. Leaving a negative review won't help fix the problem since its not possible to go through every single review that everyone posts.
  9. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    FREE: http://play.google.com/store/apps/de...eepTextingFree

    FULL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...r.SweepTexting

    Sweep Texting allows users to receive, view, and send text messages, all without touching their phones. It uses the proximity sensor to implement intuitive gestures: you can sweep down your screen as though you're giving permission for the app to "come" to you and display itself. An alert dialog will then pop up with the text message and you can reply to it within the dialog itself (you don't have to switch out of the app you're currently using). Then, when you want to send the message, you simply sweep up as though you're commanding the text message to "go away" and send itself.

    Since the app is completely touch-free (with the exception of typing in your actual message), it is extremely useful in hands-free situations where looking at the screen and switching through multiple screens to access messages may be a hazard (driving, for instance). The app also gives users a nice futuristic feel to their text messaging experience and allows them to customize it with multiple color schemes.


    --Sweep down to view a text message after it arrives.
    --Sweep up to send your reply back to whoever you're texting.
    --Tap on your message to go directly to your Inbox.
    --Supports multiple messages from different senders.
    --Supports messages longer than one text message.
    --Hide a message and then sweep down to view it again at a later time.
    --Choose between Holo styled (ICS only) or five different dialog colors.
    --Choose between five different text balloon colors.
    --Toggle to disable in Landscape mode.
    --Toggle to enable/disable "Message Sent" sound.
    --Enable/Disable toggle so you can turn off the app's features when you don't need it.

    It is now available on Google Play for $1.99. The free trial version runs for 48 hours before requesting the user to upgrade to the full version.
  10. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    The app is now 25% off ($1.50)! Reviews have been rolling in and most people love the app. Give it a shot and see how it goes!
  11. YouForgotWhat

    YouForgotWhat Member

    Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jams.music.player

    Jams Music Player is a beautiful, yet insanely powerful music player. Featuring a stunning Holo Cards theme (regular Holo theme also available), Jams has everything you could ever want or need in a music player!

    • Support for both phones and tablets.
    • Supports all the formats supported by Android (mp3, FLAC, AAC, ogg, etc.)
    • Unofficial GMusic support. All Access isn't available, I'm pretty sure the big record companies won't take it too well if I put it in. If you have your personal music collection uploaded onto Google though, this app can handle it
    • Limit your music library down to specific folders on your SD card (you can pick as many folders as you want).
    • Ability to save positions in individual tracks and resume from them later (useful for Audiobooks/Podcasts).
    • Organize your entire music collection into smaller sub-libraries. (Take a look at the imgur screenshot(s) to get a gist of what I mean).
    • Individual equalizer settings for each song. Say you set Song A to Pop and Song B to Rock. When you play Song A, Jams will automatically switch the equalizer to Pop. If you play Song B, Jams will switch to Rock. You can also batch apply equalizer settings to multiple songs by artist, album and genre.
    • The homscreen widget displays your current queue so you can easily browse through it without opening the app.
    • A-B Repeat mode. You can repeat a specific range of a song from point A to point B.
    • Displays embedded lyrics. I don't think I'll be adding lyrics from the Internet after what Sony did last summer to another music player.
    • Sort by album artist! This is for those of you who have large compilation albums.
    • Full blown file manager with copy, paste, move and delete functions.
    • Blacklist tracks, artists, and albums. This allows you to exclude individual tracks from your library without actually deleting the files.
    • Smart playlists (Top 25 Played Tracks, Top Rated, Recently Added, and Recently Played).
    • ID3 tag editor.
    • Crossfade.
    • Gapless playback.
    • Automatically fetches album art from the internet.
    • Customize the app with 4 different application themes and 9 different player colors.
    • Enqueue support with reorder, swipe to remove from queue, the basic stuff.
    • Scrobbling support.

    Questions? Comments? Issues? Feel free to email me at jamsmusicplayer@gmail.com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. If you're a Reddit user, you can also post in /r/JamsMusicPlayer.

    Note: If you're having issues, please email me first before leaving a negative review on the Play Store. Negative reviews are hard to spot amongst the hundreds of other reviews, so the chances of your issue being resolved are slim to none.
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