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Elemental Wars - new tactical game

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  1. Androidosys

    Androidosys New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Let me introduce you a new game - Elemental Wars.

    It is tactical\logic fantasy game based on original magic system.

    The game has following features:

    -story-driven single player mode - mage's wars for dominance;

    -unique spell system based on touch-screen spell-sign drawing and spell book page turning;

    -really strong AI which makes battles challenging but always possible to win;

    -nice looking graphics with impressive magical SFX;

    -5 charismatical characters each with unique stats and improving spell book during game.

    But the main feature is: Elemental Wars is a smart tactical-based game that really provides a good fitness for your brain. It is simple enough to learn and never too challenging though.

    You may find the game or more information here:


  2. supermanlegend

    supermanlegend Well-Known Member

    Pretty cool. I thought it was $3 but its $2 want to check it out. How long is it? Would love a demo.
  3. Androidosys

    Androidosys New Member

    Demo is planned asap, m.b. next week.

    Game lenght depends mostly on your skill: 1-2 hours for an experienced player but you have to spend much time to improve your tactics before.

    Updates are planned as well including online multiplayer if the game will be successful.

    You can also try less complex mage-duel based game from the same developer:


    it has a free version:

  4. Dante_W

    Dante_W Member

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