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Elite 3g/wifi status lights not greenSupport

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  1. aviatrixliz

    aviatrixliz New Member

    My husband and I both got the Elite yesterday. Noticed that on my phone, the 3g/wifi status icons on top go green but his remain white/gray but he is still connected. Any reasons for this?

  2. jacobcummings

    jacobcummings Member

    When it's green it means you are connected to Google services. I'm not sure why yours is and his is not when you are in the same location. Is he logged into a Google account?
  3. download

    download Active Member

    He must have registered a Google account AND set have Background Data enabled under Settings>Accounts+Sync
  4. aviatrixliz

    aviatrixliz New Member

    Thx so much, his google acct wasn't synced.Works great now!

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