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    Jan 3, 2009
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    here is a link:
    Dexter's Mod's

    look for elocity a7
    1. download 'ElocityMod v1.0c.rar' to your pc
    2. rename the 'ElocityMod v1.0c' to 'update.rar'
    3. copy 'update.rar' from your pc to my memory stick (or you can use a micro sd card)
    4. insert memory stick into elocity a7
    5. go to 'settings' - 'about device' - 'System updates' - 'Update device'
    6. it update using dexters mod and gave me market capabilities as well as the android layout i am accustomed to without elocitys crapy UI.

    Now, as for apps, i havent had any aps that did not work yet on my a7. I am currently runing ADW Home, google voice (cant make calles but lets me SMS), youtube, xda-dvelopers forum app, avg antivirus (freee), aBTC, and WinAmp and all work fine so far. I have seen many posts complaining tha they are having issues with runing apps not made for the A7 but i am yet to run into any issues.

    thanks to MobiLeroy's post on forum.xda-developers.com and DEXTER FOR ALL HIS HARD WORK! DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITHOUT HIS MOD FILE!


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    Feb 28, 2011
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    I can not get Dexter's links to open. How do I get to his updates?

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