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Elsse MID tablet.

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  1. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    So I was looking for a cheap android powered tablet around the price range of $0-$150. and I settled on a Elsse MID tablet.

    (this one)

    My thoughts about it so far are that it's a fairly good tablet, kinda slow, but I can fix that If I can root it and unlock the processor speed.

    It runs on android 4.0 ICS and I was curious to know if when you root devices, if they are device specific... or OS specific... I'm sure it's an extremely nooby question, but I figured I would throw the question here anyway.

    If I'm unable to root the device, could someone recommend a decent tablet for around the 0-150 $ price range?

    Please and thank you. <3

  2. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    It's already rooted right out of the box. So never mind to all of this haha.
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