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  1. saturnleia

    saturnleia New Member

    Hi all, I've been wanting to switch from Blackberry to Android for ages now, and with the Droid Pro it looks like this may finally be a viable option for me. But I'm wondering about the DP's ability to handle email accounts and contacts - my situation is a bit quirky. Here's what my current BB handles:

    - Two accounts from my own domain (synced through the BB server - on my laptop, they go through Thunderbird since I hate how Outlook handles email)
    - One Microsoft Outlook Web account for work (email only, synced through the BB server rather than the Exchange server because this allows me to keep my personal and work stuff separate on my device)
    - Contacts, notes, and calendar (Outlook on my laptop - NOT the Outlook server through work, since most of this information is not for work)
    - Four Gmail accounts (synced through a Google App)

    So my question is: Can I still keep all of the email accounts separate and synced on the Droid Pro? If I use the Exchange Server to sync my work email, will my Calendar and Contacts have to sync with that server as well or can I direct those items not to sync and use a third-party app to sync from Outlook on my laptop?

    Wow, as I write this out I realize I have a rather crazy syncing situation, but as it's currently set up it works really well.

  2. pjmurphy77

    pjmurphy77 Member

    I hate to take the easy way out but I would seriously just go to Verizon, buy the phone and try your sync-situation out. You can always wipe the phone if it doesn't work and you need to return it.

  3. saturnleia

    saturnleia New Member

    Well, part of the problem is that I'd be switching from Sprint to Verizon and porting my number, so I'm not sure that I can try everything "risk-free" since at that point I'd have made the carrier switch. I've been looking for an excuse to leave Sprint, but under Verizon my monthly bill would increase by about $35 a month - which is a lot if I'm not getting a great, different phone out of it. It'd be an expensive hassle to switch and then be stuck using another BB on Verizon for its functionality.

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