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  1. elby

    elby New Member

    i am having awful trouble setting up me email account on my phone i have set up the gmail fine that was easy but for some reason it doesnt like my internet account can any one suggest what i should do?

  2. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    contact your operator, maybe there are some specific settings (apn, dns) that are required for your phone to connect.
  3. lgp350

    lgp350 New Member

    find the pop and smtp address for eg. yahoo and enter them in ur email app....
  4. spillage74

    spillage74 New Member

    I had an issue with my email provider. I can receive email but not send.

    You can use a work around for this.

    Set up you as normal then use your gmail for smtp.

    You can then get your gmail account to forward emails so it appears that your emails come from you other account.

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